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Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle manual treatment method that involves light touching of the skull (cranium) and sacrum to bring the central nervous system back in balance. Since the nervous system controls the whole body, disturbances therein can lead to numerous problems, such as dysfunctioning organs, hormonal imbalance, muscular tension, emotional problems, tiredness, hyperactivity...

By subtle touching of the nervous system, stuck energy is detected and blockages are loosened, so that the flow is restored and organs and body functions are made to function optimally again. Sometimes an imbalance has an emotional origin and pure physical work is not enough. In that case we communicate directly with the trauma to heal this emotional aspect as well. 


A craniosacral treatment not only benefits physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, it also utterly relaxes. Certainly no luxury in these times of stress. 


Despite the subtle touches, this therapy has a deep impact. A single treatment can provide deep relaxation and release the underlying blockages. For underlying traumas, a multiple treatment may be necessary. 


What to expect:
  1. Conversation: in a short conversation you may share what themes you are currently busy with and where you specifically expect help or healing.

  2. Treatment: you lie down on the table and through subtle touches of the head, shoulders and torso, the craniosacral fluids are brought back into balance. 


Good to know:
  • Craniosacral therapy can be combined with kristalhealing and expanded to a multidimensional healing

  • If necessary, ask for nutritional and supplementation advice during the consultation to detoxify and strengthen your body. The right minerals and vitamins can support and empower healing. 


Duration: approximately 1 hour
Price: 80 €


Contact me here for more information or to make an appointment.



Sessions can take place at my practice in Boortmeerbeek or ONLINE.

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