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Multidimensional Healing


Multidimensional healing is a holistic healing on your physical and energetic body, adapted to the needs and priorities of the moment. It integrates craniosacral therapy, healing of the energetic body, the use of light codes and light language and if desired crystal therapy.


What to expect:
  1. Conversation: in a preliminary coaching session you may share what themes you are busy with at the moment and where you specifically expect help or healing.

  2. Reading: by tuning in to the multidimensional painting that hangs in the healing space, we can determine what is going on exactly, what needs to be treated and which is the priority.  

  3. Crystal:if you wish, you can choose a ​crystal to integrate to the healing. You can also have the crystal encoded and take it home with you to further activate your crystalline body. 

  4. Craniosacral Healing: whilst lying relaxed on the healing table, you will receive an energetic craniosacral healing, which operates not only on the physical ​craniosacral  fluids, but on the energetic body as a whole, hereby correcting the crystalline body grid. We also use light codes and crystals you may have selected. When applying the light codes in light language, a short message is recorded which you can then listen to regularly in order to allow the vibration of the message to continue in the days and weeks after the healing.

  5. Nutrition and supplements: if necessary, also ask for nutritional advice and advice about supplements, to detoxify and strengthen your body. The right minerals and vitamins will support and strengthen the effect of your healing.


Duration: first time 2 hours, repetitions 1.30 hours.
Price: 130 € / 110 €


Good to know: 
  • If necessary, also ask for nutritional advice and advice on supplements to detoxify and strengthen your body. The right minerals and vitamins can support and empower healing.


Contact me here for more information or to make an appointment.



Sessions can take place at my practice in Boortmeerbeek or ONLINE.

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