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Crystal Healing


We are currently evolving as humanity from a carbon body to a more crystalline body. My work focuses on restoring this crystalline grid within ourselves, as well as to reconnect it to Earth's crystalline grid. 


Our crystalline body has a higher vibration than our current physical body. So through restoring and activating our crystalline body we raise our vibration. A higher vibration enables us to become more finely attuned; to feel and perceive more subtly; to develop higher emotions such as gratitude and compassion; to live more from the heart; to heal physically, mentally and emotionally and therefore to become 'healers' - in short, to evolve towards a more conscious and complete form of humanity. 


Crystals can actively help in this. Resonating with the crystal's frequency helps raising your own body frequency.


What to expect:
  1. Choose a stone: you intuitively choose a crystal from the available offer (rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, selenite, hematite, aquamarine, black tourmaline, rough emerald, etc). Each crystal has its own vibration and you will intuitively and spontaneously attach to the vibration which best suits you at the moment.

  2. Coding: correspondingly, I code the crystal with light codes in Light Language, so that you might be even more finely attuned to it, and to the evolution you are ready for at the moment.

  3. Further use: You can carry the encoded crystal with you afterwards, or you can put it in a water jug and drink the water daily to further activate the crystal vibration in your body.


Duration: 10 to 20 min.

Price: 25 €


Good to know: 
  • A crystal healing can be embedded in a  multidimensional healing or a craniosacral healing

  • Crystals can also be encoded remotely via video call

  • If necessary, ask for nutritional advice and advice on supplements, to detoxify and strengthen your body. The right minerals and vitamins can support and empower healing. 


Contact me here for more information or to make an appointment.



Sessions can take place at my practice in Boortmeerbeek or ONLINE.

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